4 Rules You Should Follow During Removals


Do you want to move your items to a self storage facility? Or are you moving to a new house? If you are planning to undertake any of these actions, the process can be hassle-free if you implement some useful tips. This article discusses some of those crucial rules.

Insist on Site Visits

Some problems may arise between removalists and their clients regarding variations between the estimates given and the actual costs billed after the service has been offered. Those misunderstandings can be avoided by dealing with removalists who have visited your home and seen your belongings before giving you a quote for their services. Such moving companies may be less likely to vary the actual cost significantly since their calculations would have been based on what they have seen in your home.

Be Mindful About Deposits

You may be expected to make a deposit in order to confirm your booking for the services of removalists of the self storage facility. However, the deposit that you pay should be minimal so that the bulk of the payment is made once the service has been offered. The best removalists will be comfortable with such an arrangement because they already have the resources to do the job that you have contracted them to do.

Know the Extra Costs

It is also advisable for you to find out what extra charges may be levied by the moving company. For example, will you be charged if the removalists carry your belongings into the house at the destination? Those extra charges can cause misunderstandings if you don't ask about them in advance. By budgeting for such costs at the very beginning you'll hopefully avoid any surprises.

Sign Custom Contracts

Make sure that the contract that you sign with the removalists is customised to reflect your requirements. For example, the contract should point out how much time will be spent on the project and what exactly the removalists will do for you. Such a document can save you from becoming upset when your unexpressed expectations aren't met. The document forms the basis upon which you will judge the performance of the removalists.

A stress-free moving process starts with selecting the most appropriate removalists for your needs. You can also ask the self storage facility for recommendations about the best removalists to use. Take your time and do sufficient due diligence about the removalists that you wish to hire to ensure your belongings are transported safely.


12 March 2018

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