Simple But Important Tips for Choosing the Right Rental Home

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While you may only stay in a rental home temporarily, you still want to take your time to shop around, and find the best option for rentals, for you and your family. After all, even if you only stay in that home for a year or so, that's still a long time to struggle with an inconvenient commute and other such hassles. Consider a few simple but easily overlooked tips that will help you to find the best rental home for your needs.

Map out your commute

You may assume that a rental home in a certain neighbourhood will mean a manageable commute to the office every day; however, it can be good to actually map out every step of that commute. For example, note the exit and entrance ramps to a nearby freeway; if there isn't one conveniently located to a rental home, this could mean several additional minutes for your commute every day. Do the same for bus stops, taxi stands, and whatever else is needed for your commute.

Also, scope out the location of businesses you frequent often, including a particular supermarket, your favourite pharmacy, a gym, a convenience store, a day-care for the children, and so on. It may seem like a small thing to have a longer drive to these businesses from a rental home, but keep in mind that even another ten or fifteen minutes of driving to a day-care every day, to the gym every night, or to meet friends at a favourite coffee shop on Saturday morning can make for a longer, more tiring day overall. It can be good to find a rental that is close to these businesses as well as to work, so you don't waste more time than needed throughout the day.

Consider the parking

Note the parking provided by the home. If you would need to park on the street, is there adequate space or is the road already crowded with cars? Many residential streets only allow parking on one side of the street, and this can mean even less space for parking than you realize.

Also, if you live in an area that gets lots of snowfall, would this mean having your car actually buried by a snow plough? If the area is hot and sunny, would constant sun exposure damage your car? Be sure to take these factors into consideration if you'll be bringing your car or cars with you to a new rental home.


21 March 2018

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If you are interested in buying your first property, you will want to make sure that you make the right choice. My name is Kenny and last year, I finally got my foot on the property ladder. It was a long journey which took many years. First, I had to save a deposit which took a long time. Once I had my deposit, I had to find a property which I liked and which I could afford. I contacted a real estate company who helped me as I conducted my search. I am pleased to say that I am really happy with my new home.