Top Tips To Help You Get It Right With Your Home Showing


Good on paper is almost not always good enough, and that is why potential home buyers will always want to come around for a showing. As real estate agents will tell you, get the showing right, and you won't have to wait too long for that call closing the deal. Here are some tips on how to get it right with your home showing.

1. Get the Right People Interested

Real estate agents can mix things up with advertisements that promote your upcoming house showing. It would be most disappointing to prepare for the showing and have no one show up. From posting an ad in the classifieds and community calendars to sharing the same information across different websites and social media platforms, it's also always a great help to put up directional and open house signs along the way leading up to your showing.

2. Clean Up Like Never Before

First impressions are everything. You have to get both the inside and outside of your home ready for viewing. Ensure that you declutter and tidy up your home. You will also have to take a little extra time getting rid of pet hairs and bad odours from pet waste. A fresh layer of paint will go a long way.

3. Fix It

If it needs fixing, then this is the time to ensure that you do fix it. No more putting off the repairs for later. During your home inspection, you will get a clear idea of what it is that needs fixing around your home. Whether you go at it yourself or hire a professional, ensure that that glaring roof leak is fixed. If, on the other hand, you leave some of these repairs unattended to, do the responsible and honest thing and disclose the same when accepting offers.

4. Better to Stay Away

While you may want to be around so that you can point out all the amazing features of your home, it's best to leave it to the real estate agents. Buyers feel more comfortable and move around more freely when the sellers are not around. The buyers can also openly talk and give some instant feedback to the real estate agents representing both parties. With you around, the buyers may feel the need to rush along and move onto the next home.

With the help of real estate agents, you can properly stage a showing and let potential buyers see what you have to offer. Reach out to a real estate agent in your area for more information. 


25 June 2020

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