Two Factors to Consider When Choosing a Meeting Room to Rent

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If you're in need of a meeting room, here are a couple of factors to consider when deciding which of the meeting rooms advertised at your local real estate agency you should hire.

How much privacy will you need? 

Before calling any real estate agents, you'll need to consider how much privacy you'd like the meeting room you'll use to provide. If for example, your meeting will involve clients or business associates signing non-disclosure agreements, you might want to ensure that, if the meeting room you're interested in has transparent partitions or a glass door, it also comes with blinds that you can keep shut during your meetings. This would prevent anyone walking by your meeting room from sneaking a look at some of the sensitive documents that will be on display on the meeting room's table.

Similarly, if you want to avoid anyone who has not been invited to your meeting overhearing information that you or other attendees share during it, you may need to request that the real estate agent show you meeting rooms with soundproofed partitions or walls. You should also check that the doors to these meeting rooms are made of solid wood or metal as, if they're made of lightweight material, sounds could potentially travel through them.

How formal will you need the meeting room to be?

You should also consider the degree of formality you want the meeting room you rent to have. The decor and general layout of the room will determine how formal it feels to those who are in it. If you'll be conducting a major business deal in this room, that involves, for example, a great deal of money or the acquisition of a large enterprise, then it's probably best to only view meeting rooms whose features are quite formal. For instance, a meeting room with inexpensive plastic chairs, a small, laminate meeting table and a lack of any decor might not be suitable for such an important meeting and could give those in attendance the impression that you aren't taking this major business deal as seriously as you should. Instead, in this situation, you might want to opt for a high-end meeting room with a solid wood boardroom table, upholstered chairs and tasteful decor.

Conversely, if you're organising a meeting that will consist of a business-related brainstorming session with some business associates that you are quite friendly with, then renting a meeting room that's too formal may not be a good idea. The reason for this is that its formality may make it harder for the people in attendance to relax and feel comfortable enough to begin rattling off the business ideas that pop into their heads. In this scenario, a meeting room with a more informal vibe and simple decor would work better.


1 September 2022

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