Strata Management: Three Common Complaints and Practical Solutions

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Strata managed buildings are popular because they are inexpensive in comparison to independent properties. In addition, most people like the security of the design and the share responsibility for the management of common areas. Unfortunately, living in a strata community also comes with some challenges. The most common problem is the disturbance caused by neighbours. If the disputes and disagreements are not managed efficiently, they could cause disharmony in the building. Here are some tips to help you managing the most common complaints as part of the strata management.

Loud Parties and Gatherings

Gatherings and parties are not uncommon in strata buildings. Unfortunately, they can be loud, and the neighbours hoping for a peaceful time in their home will be uncomfortable. In general, parties are not prohibited. However, there are specific laws which prohibit noise in residential zones at unreasonable hours. The regulations will depend on the area of residence. Ideally, the police can be informed of the disturbance due to parties if the time is unreasonable. However, it is not advisable to contact the authorities right away because the conflict might escalate unnecessarily. Instead, it is advisable to have the loud neighbour issued with a compliance notice.

Annoying Pets

Complaints about pets should be handled according to the regulations set for the specific strata building. In general, management is responsible for making decisions on whether residents can keep pets in their homes or not. If there are numerous complaints about unruly pets, management should consider making more rules on the issue. For example, management can impose a rule that insists on residents obtaining permission before bringing in a pet. Moreover, there should be consequences in place in case a resident displays irresponsible behaviour related to pet ownership. Management should take action if pets are kept in a strata building prohibiting this practice.

Disturbing Renovations

Residents can perform renovations to make their space more comfortable and appealing. However, the use of heavy equipment and tools can generate vibrations, noise and fumes which can make the neighbours uncomfortable. Management cannot restrict all improvements. However, there are some steps which can be taken to reduce complaints. For example, it is advisable to restrict the hours within which the work can performed. Moreover, written permission should be requested before major renovations

Strata management can be a challenging undertaking for the members of management with other responsibilities. Therefore, you should think about hiring an experienced strata manager to handle the financial, social and administrative responsibilities.


15 March 2018

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