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5 Advantages of Enlisting Professional Strata Management Service Providers

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Are you trying to decide whether to go for self-managed strata or strata management service providers for your property? Self-managed strata have some challenges you wouldn't be able to overcome without professional help. However, opting for strata management means leaving all administration, bookkeeping and disputes resolutions in the hands of dedicated professionals. Excellent strata management service means the following: Organised and Productive Meetings  All strata properties should hold annual general meetings (AGMs).

15 December 2021

Why a Disclosure Statement Could Be a Dealbreaker in Real Estate

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When somebody is ready to buy a property, it goes without saying that they must ensure that it is fit for the purpose. They will need to get an independent inspection, and this expert will need to look closely at the condition of the structure to determine whether a new owner could have any cause for concern. Yet a prospective buyer must also be sure of their ground from a legal perspective as well.

17 January 2020

3 Differences Between Retirement and Conventional Apartments

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How much will it cost to modify a house to suit your retirement needs? As you grow older, you will start asking yourself such questions. This is because as you age, you would wish to stay in a comfortable place where all your needs are catered for. Instead of modifying your present home for this purpose, you should get a retirement apartment which is custom made to meet all your needs.

29 March 2018

Everything You Need to Know About Handling Asbestos in Your Home

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If you live in an older home, chances are you will find asbestos in the insulation, ceiling tiles, flooring, siding, shingles, and a myriad of other materials in the home. Many homeowners with asbestos in their homes do not know what to do with it. It's imperative that you handle asbestos with care, especially if you have a demolition or renovation project. Also, remember that while you may be a DIY enthusiast, you should leave any asbestos-related work to licensed asbestos management professionals.

27 March 2018

Simple But Important Tips for Choosing the Right Rental Home

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While you may only stay in a rental home temporarily, you still want to take your time to shop around, and find the best option for rentals, for you and your family. After all, even if you only stay in that home for a year or so, that's still a long time to struggle with an inconvenient commute and other such hassles. Consider a few simple but easily overlooked tips that will help you to find the best rental home for your needs.

21 March 2018

Property Purchase: Practical Tips for Preparing for a Real Estate Auction

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Purchasing a home through an auction can be daunting. Therefore, if you are planning on getting your property using this method, you should be diligent in your preparations. Often, lack of proper planning will cause significant losses. For example, you might bid a higher amount than you can afford, or you might be too stressed out and miss an opportunity for a profitable purchase. Here are some practical preparation tips to help you promote your chances of success.

20 March 2018

Strata Management: Three Common Complaints and Practical Solutions

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Strata managed buildings are popular because they are inexpensive in comparison to independent properties. In addition, most people like the security of the design and the share responsibility for the management of common areas. Unfortunately, living in a strata community also comes with some challenges. The most common problem is the disturbance caused by neighbours. If the disputes and disagreements are not managed efficiently, they could cause disharmony in the building.

15 March 2018

Make sure you include the following costs with your upcoming home purchase

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As a first time homebuyer, you're probably very excited about your upcoming purchase. Identifying a home, negotiating the price, and obtaining financing can be quite a strenuous process. In addition, most homeowners tend to mistakenly prepare their budget according to the price tag of the home. This often leads to buyers overlooking other hidden costs that are associated with the real estate transaction. Make sure you include the following costs into your budget when finalising your home purchase.

2 March 2018