Choosing Door Handles For Your Business: 3 Things to Consider


The overall style of the interior of your business premises often depends on little touches. For example, the type of wood you use for the skirting board can have a significant impact on the way a room looks even though it is not a major feature. Another small item which can have a considerable influence on the style of a room is the door handles. This is why it is important that you think carefully about the types of door handles you wish to use when you are remodelling your business premises. Below is a guide to some of the things you should consider when choosing new door handles.

The size of the door handle

When deciding on the size of the door handle you wish to use, you should first measure the door. If you choose handles which are too large for the door, it can create a very odd look. Ideally, you should implement the golden ratio when calculating the best size of handles for your door. The ratio of 1:1.61 has been used for thousands of years to create elegant looking buildings and interiors. If you are unsure about the correct size of door handles you need, you should ask a locksmith for advice. Whether you want pull handles, knobs or something else will also be determined by the size of your door.

The colour of the door handle

Modern door handles are now produced in a wide range of colours. If you want to create a traditional look, you should opt for brass or wooden door handles. However, if you want to create a more modern look, you may wish to choose a bright plastic moulded door handle. Door handles which are a bold colour can add a much-needed splash of colour to an otherwise drab room.

The finishes touches

One way of making your doors look classy is to incorporate your company logo into the handles. While this may seem like a small touch, it can make a real impression on your customers. Traditionally, banks, hotels and other public buildings featured their logos on their door handles. Even if you do not operate a hotel or a bank, including this type of finishing touch, can help to create a welcoming atmosphere. A locksmith will be able to install the new door handles and engrave your company name or logo on the plastic or metal surface.

For further advice about the best type of door handles for your business, you should contact your local locksmith.


23 March 2018

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