3 Differences Between Retirement and Conventional Apartments

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How much will it cost to modify a house to suit your retirement needs? As you grow older, you will start asking yourself such questions. This is because as you age, you would wish to stay in a comfortable place where all your needs are catered for. Instead of modifying your present home for this purpose, you should get a retirement apartment which is custom made to meet all your needs. Below are several differences that exist between retirement and conventional apartments.


The layout of retirement apartments is convenient for its tenants. When looking for a conventional apartment, you might be attracted to a duplex with several floors. In this case, the layout mainly consists of the living room and the kitchen areas on the ground floor and the bedrooms in the top floors. However, once you retire, climbing the stairs on a daily basis can be challenging. This factor is taken into account when building retirement apartments since the entire unit is on the same floor. As such, even if you have to use a wheelchair, you will be able to access all the rooms of your apartment.

Custom made space for a caregiver

At some point, you might need a caregiver to assist you around the house and ensure you are always in good health. Retirement apartments are built with this factor taken into consideration, and they have a custom-made room for your caregiver. Apart from this, there is usually a healthcare facility on the premises to assist in case of any emergencies. All the apartments are also fitted with emergency kits so that they can be easily accessed and used when needed.

Are functional and reasonable

Retirement apartments are functional and reasonable. Most conventional apartments have a lot of floor space, which is not reasonable if you have retired and living alone or with your spouse. As such, the size of retirement apartments are reasonable and they are designed to give your sufficient space to ensure you are comfortable without including unnecessary features such as multiple living rooms and walk-in closets in all the bedrooms. Additionally, these apartments are functional whereby the halls and doorways are spacious to enable easy movement and access by the residents.

In case you have any special requirements, you can contact the caretakers of the retirement apartment and the house can be modified to meet your needs. These apartments are therefore more ideal for a retired individual than conventional houses.


29 March 2018

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