5 Advantages of Enlisting Professional Strata Management Service Providers

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Are you trying to decide whether to go for self-managed strata or strata management service providers for your property? Self-managed strata have some challenges you wouldn't be able to overcome without professional help. However, opting for strata management means leaving all administration, bookkeeping and disputes resolutions in the hands of dedicated professionals. Excellent strata management service means the following:

Organised and Productive Meetings 

All strata properties should hold annual general meetings (AGMs). During these meetings, issues such as the strata's financial position, committee election and selection, admin and maintenance are discussed. Poorly organised AGMs are typically held late, and crucial aspects might be missed, resulting in profound problems. An efficient strata management service provider ensures AGMs are well-organised and held promptly. 

Properly Managed Fees and Levies 

Strata management providers help the owner's corporation adequately budget, adjust levies correctly and sort bills and invoices on time. As such, the hassle of financial management and bookkeeping becomes resolved. Conversely, self-managed strata force owners' corporations to take care of these aspects all on their own. Without proper management, it can harm its market value and compliance matters. Massive fees and levies still in arrears might suggest that the strata corporation lacks an effective follow-up strategy. 

Excellent Strata Legislation Compliance

Strata management services can clarify any questions to help implement strata legislation that's applicable in your state. Laws keep changing, and because of this, the strata committee must be up-to-date, well-informed and comply with any arising changes. Missing vital deadlines can attract significant penalties for the property. Furthermore, you don't want the inconvenience of hefty attorney's fees when your premises don't comply with specific legal requirements. 

Efficient Financial Management 

A strata management company can assist efficient, transparent and ethical financial management. Strata financial professionals can see through the most refined details even if the numbers don't seem to add up. Furthermore, when things feel fishy in the financial department, they can help investigate and narrow down to the root causes. After investigation and audits, they share the financial reports and vital insights to assist you in getting the best value from your strata assets.

Prompt Resolution of Disputes    

Finally, strata management will be ready to immediately tackle the issue whenever there are any forms of disputes. This essential resource helps save the committee more time and money when serious disputes arise. Strata management knows the tenets of mediation without escalating the problem to more costly resolution alternatives. Contact a strata management service for more information. 


15 December 2021

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